Track 01: Christ Only Christ

Music & Lyrics: Joseph Western
Arrangement: Joseph Western

Who will be our strength and stay?
And Who will wipe our tears away?
Who will pay sin’s heavy cost?
Christ, Only Christ, He is all our plea.
He alone can set us free.

Who has bought our righteousness?
And Who has claimed our holiness?
Who has fought and won each fight?
Christ, Only Christ, He is all we need.
He alone has set us free.

Who will set our spirits free?
And Who will take us home to be?
Who will meet us in the clouds?
Christ, Only Christ, He is all we need.
He alone will set us free.
He alone will set us free.

Track 02: He Sees Tomorrow

Music & Lyrics: Lydia Western
Arrangement: Lydia Western

When I borrow the sunshine from this happy day
Tomorrow it fades and my skies turn to grey.
Many things about tomorrow I don’t understand.
But I know Who holds tomorrow, and He holds my hand.

I don’t know about tomorrow.
I don’t know about the sorrow,
I don’t know what the morning will be.
But Jesus sees the sparrow.
He sees the fiery arrow.
And I know He’s watching over me.
I know He’s watching over me.

Every time I think tomorrow will be a happy day
Something happens to ruin, and steals my joy away.
I didn’t ask for great blessings, and thought I did my part,
But I’ll run with your commandments when you enlarge my heart.

I’m afraid of the future, I’m afraid of the flood,
But tomorrow won’t hurt me. I’m covered by the blood.
I’m afraid of the past, I’m afraid of the now,
But one day I’ll see the good in the things my God allowed.

Track 03: Holy Spirit Pity Me

Music Jeremy & Lyrics W. Bunting
Arrangement: Jeremy Western

Holy Spirit pity me,
Pierced with grief for grieving Thee.
Present though I mourn apart,
Listen to a wailing heart.

Sins unnumbered, I confess
Of exceeding sinfulness
Sins against Thyself alone
Only to Omniscience known.

Deafness to Thy whispered calls,
Rashness midst remembered falls.
Transient fears beneath the rod,
Treacherous trifling with my God.

Worldly cares at worship time,
Grovelling aims in work sublime
Pride when God is passing by
Sloth when souls in darkness die

O how lightly I have slept!
With my daily wrongs unwept.
Sought Thy chiding to defer,
Shunned the wounded Comforter.

Look to holy labour’s fresh
With the plague spot in my flesh
Angels seem to human sight,
Stood a leper in Thy light.

O be merciful to me!
Now in bitterness for Thee.
Father, pardon through Thy Son
Sins against Thy Spirit done.


Western Family